World’s most expensive superyachts

From the ever more ostentatious vessels to vast missiles on deck, including North Korea’s biggest ship

There are plenty of ways for governments to display a huge amount of money. But the hyper-rich have chosen to embrace a more eccentric route, turning port over in to a way of displaying their wealth with increasingly audacious interludes.

Top 10: world’s most expensive superyachts

Some of the world’s biggest superyachts have been constructed in recent years with purpose-built enclosures for officers and crew, from security officers to lift operators and massage therapists.

The 60,000-tonne Imperial Encore, owned by cricket legend Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie, features a glass-covered tennis court and gym, as well as presidential suites and a massage studio.

There are also already a dozen weapons-carrying superyachts, including the Marlin, a 110-metre (332ft) boat that has a missile battery on board, as well as submarine access for special submarines.

The world’s biggest superyacht by Nautilux (which only calculates the value of each yacht, rather than listing them by height). Photograph: Marco Del Grande/Reuters

Bahrain recently ordered its first privately-owned superyacht, dubbed Superal. Under orders of £140m, the boat will have a military missile defence system and includes a gym, spa, cinema and nine bedrooms.

In recent years, sales have been surging of these mega-yachts. In 2014, demand for the 70,000-tonne Genting Dream, a superyacht said to cost twice as much as North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), sold for a record £1.25bn.

The Geely-owned Vertion Series G21 was actually bought for £730m, having been sold for just £140m at the time of the previous record sale.

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