Women’s world road race championships – BBC Sport’s Tatiana Calderon

Tatiana Calderon is at the forefront of an all-female team, powered by the female spirit of London 2012. The 39-year-old lead us through the London Cycle, the first event on the ‘Women’s Tour’ calendar. The fifth event in the Women’s Tour takes place in Zürich, Switzerland on 29 December.

“I ran and I was cycling hard, so I had the speed, I just needed to put my hand down to stop my knee. I still needed to do the time. I was in a bit of a daze and I gave up.

“I was one of the first women to come out of the velodrome. At that time I had to think about what I could do to help. I wanted to try a different kind of training.

“I do a lot of pool aerobics and swimming. They both have different physiques and while sprinting is something that I haven’t been doing, I definitely feel like it could be a discipline that’s suited to me.

“What the girls are doing is amazing. The hunger I feel, the hunger they’re having, the drive they have – it’s inspiring.

“I am the first lady in history, so it doesn’t matter where you rank in this competition, just that we are all doing well – women are motivated. We all need to get through to change things, to set an example for women to get in the sport.

“When I started, I was terrified, so what makes me scared today, what makes me push herself a little bit harder, I guess it’s one of these things that’s normal for a woman.

“Men can still push themselves and women can push themselves, but we’re finally getting somewhere.”

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