Woman quits job in New York, makes a name for herself working alone in Ghana

London-based human rights lawyer, Olivia Oldendorp, is raising awareness about gender inequality. She quit her high-powered employment in New York and moved to Ghana, Africa, on her own, to work on a one-woman legal campaign.

Oldendorp quit her job as a litigation and litigation support lawyer in New York and moved to Ghana last year to work on a one-woman legal campaign she has named #LawChat. “It took a while to get this funded,” Oldendorp told The Guardian. “There was such stigma around leaving a job and saying ‘why is it that I have to do my own work now?’ For the media I am a young female lawyer with dark skin and no face make-up. This is a difficult time to be a woman.”

Oldendorp herself previously ran for Manhattan Borough President, running unopposed. She is spending the holidays with her family in Ghana and her work is the basis of a play. Oldendorp created the website YesLawChat, which shows the things that women have to go through when they are a woman. “The roles a man is given are much more specific and specific to his gender,” she said.

Oldendorp, a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, previously worked for Stiglitz (Oxfam’s chief economist and one of the world’s leading proponents of sustainable development), and did a stint in Hong Kong as the guest of an independent oil and gas company.


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