will.i.am’s new single and Cardi B’s photo shoot

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

British DJ and music producer will.i.am recruited Cardi B to collaborate on his latest album, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.”

Among the song’s 16 tracks, will.i.am’s decision to pair up with Cardi B is instantly apparent. In one song, they sing: “The new “Bodak Yellow” has been… Cardi!” on the track “Gin and Juice,” and there’s not much space for their guest vocals elsewhere.

Cardi B shared a fan-made lyric video (which looks a little like the series of shot-for-shot trailer de-aging fan videos that highlight the differences between old and new films) of her and will.i.am singing their duet on Instagram, on Monday, before sharing a vlog on YouTube in which she explained how her diet had led to the unusual shape of her face.

“I like fish because I’m a seafood eater,” she said in the video. “But I think that maybe we will need to add fish sticks or fish tacos to my diet … because as I’m eating fish, I’m going to lose a little bit of bone structure. But you know, everything is fine.”

There are no subliminal lyrics to be picked up, but are lyrics such as: “When my [breakup] face is almost the wrong-side up … just know it’s just me and my mind.”

In the video, Cardi is shown eating fish and fish fingers, seemingly planning to adapt the recipe so that she can retain her youthful appearance.

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