Watch the hilarious ‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open honoring Donald Trump’s first 100 days

Chance the Rapper hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, telling tales of foibles and dirty jokes he had heard growing up, and professing his love for a certain mama’s favorite chicken noodle soup. He also starred in a parody game show, “Republican or Not,” a riff on a morning show quiz given during the Republican primary.

The show’s participants were won over by the witty rhetoric of Trump supporters, who said they loved the policies of his campaign, or gave the show the benefit of the doubt in each case — but were quickly turned off by the interviewees’ goofiness and cringeworthy bad jokes.

Chance said the real winner of the show should be Joe Arpaio, who is awaiting sentencing for his conviction in Arizona for illegally detaining people, many of them Latinos, under what he claimed was the provision of state law. His host asked the crowd for possible nominees for that man’s title: “Well, I’m sure most of us here understand that you are a 100 percent certifiable fact,” he said to the crowd, eliciting a big laugh. But on closer inspection, the law enforcement official’s bid for prime time came up short.

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