Watch In Our Fathers: Black Families, Families and Liberty

View CNN’s coverage of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial ceremony.

Jay Last, one of the founders of Silicon Valley who gathered in person for CNN’s In Our Fathers: Black Families, Families and Liberty:

“Through the gate today are the African-American faces of today’s society, of tomorrow, of the future.”

“It’s not surprising, to be honest with you, that as many brothers and sisters here in this room could find themselves in the technological sector.”

“In one generation, the Atlantic code became well known. It’s also important to note that black folks in particular understood from a very early age how important science and technology could be to us, and yet, we were a full member of the American community and we played a role. And if you look at things like the Super Bowl, you can see our influence.”

“In the way I look at it, I know that we kind of paved the way for a lot of other things.”

“I think technology has played a great role in helping people understand that there is no disability, or a wall, and oppression and — and bigotry and any of that.

“You know, I think our biggest contribution is to show that there is no limit to what one can accomplish. Technology has basically opened up the world, and it has definitely opened up opportunity for our people.

“But you’ve got to look at me, you’ve got to remember I didn’t grow up under the trees growing up like a lot of these people here. And you know the fact is, it’s possible for us to imagine a better tomorrow. And — and for a lot of people, I’m sure, that’s very, very exciting.”

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