WATCH: Amazing Moment in New NASA Video Captures Smartphone-Sized Jet Passing Suddenly on Mars reported a remarkable and touching moment in a new NASA TV video that you won’t find much on the internet these days.

Last month, as NASA’s Curiosity Rover took a scenic tour of Mars, a helicopter and its pilot gave the rover a speed-up in its trip. The helicopter pilots, who were aboard a NASA spacecraft just two million miles away, found themselves unexpectedly zipping around the Martian landscape.

How fascinating is this? — The BBC went even farther, saying they’ve “seen a Mars rover suddenly zipping around the planet.”

The routine flights are part of a project that the agency hopes one day will enable astronauts to fly to the red planet as part of the ambitious Mars InSight lander mission.

The helicopter is called InSight, which means “inspiration” in Latin.

The next step on this amazing journey? Here’s hoping it can fire up its lasers in the next few days.

Check out the brilliant video:

The InSight Camera on the #MarsOpportunity Rover captured the #HumpGlobeLamp photobomb on Mars as it raced by on a flyby. #Mars @MarsInSight @NASAHubble — NASA (@NASA) March 5, 2018

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