Video shows Brighton city council member getting arrested and handcuffed

Following a social media uproar over a video posted last week which shows a Brighton City Council member getting escorted out of a local bar and police, officials said on Monday they would take a close look at the matter, but would not publicly identify the City Council member under investigation.

“The Brighton City Council is deeply concerned about the incident, and we are taking immediate action,” the council’s lead spokesman Jason Goode said in a statement. “Council members and their staff are immediately reviewing the circumstances surrounding the incident. We will closely examine what took place, and take appropriate action as necessary.”

In the video, Brighton City Council president Brandon Simmons is seen walking out of Les Chefs and Wine Bar on Friday night, handcuffed. According to the video’s description, an arrest for indecent exposure took place there. The description states that Simmons was arrested for “being too drunk to function,” and that he was processed.

This prompted some outrage on social media, with commenters questioning how Simmons could be taken into custody, given his position as the leader of a city council.

“Why did he get arrested? What kind of business cards are these people using??? What kind of names and addresses do they come up with?” one comment on Facebook stated.

On Sunday, Goode said the city had begun an investigation into the incident. He provided the first timeline of the arrest on Monday, including the statement and a copy of a police report.

Goode did not indicate in the statement who may have instigated the incident. When asked why the city did not identify Simmons in a statement, the city’s spokesman replied by citing Florida statute 645.75, which bans the release of someone’s identity under such circumstances.

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