Two stories and two wonders that never make it to big screens

The stop-motion animated “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” has great animation — and more than a few clever plot points. Here are two more:

In one scene, young Sherman is overcome with anger at Mrs. Peabody, the matriarch of the Peabody family (headed by Humphrey Bogart’s older brother). Sherman punches her, she kicks him, and he’s sent to timeout.

It turns out that during his ordeal he becomes one with the family dogs, Mr. Peabody and Sherman — and learns patience and empathy through them.

Now Sherman spends his spare time reading and moping around with his trusty pets.

During an interview with Harry Potter producers Michael and Lionel Wigram (who made a franchise about people reading books, apparently), Wigram explains that the whole idea came up after a visit to a zoo and a visit to the library.

Watch the entire interview with the Wigrams below:

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