Toronto school board grants leave to 350 unvaccinated teachers

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The school board is now allowing teachers to ask for leave based on personal circumstances instead of unvaccinated staff members

The Toronto District School Board has said it is granting up to 10 weeks’ unpaid leave to roughly 290 unvaccinated teachers, resulting in a revenue shortfall of about $1.3m.

The board said the proposed move came after it received more than 6,000 applications since January from teachers who wanted time off without pay.

It added that about 75 of the requests came from those who had not had their vaccinations up to date.

“The situation is exacerbated by the outbreak of the highly contagious norovirus that was first reported in December 2018 in the area around Schulich School in which the school’s cafeteria served meals.”

It added that cases of the virus have been confirmed at several other schools in the city.

The board’s board leader is now allowing teachers to apply for leave based on personal circumstances, as well as unvaccinated staff members.

The unvaccinated employees are mainly in the health professions.

Toronto Area Catholic Schools, another school board in the city, announced last week that it was cutting the amount of paid leave it was offering to unvaccinated teachers.

Vaccinated staffers are still entitled to at least one day off per year to attend church services or child-care or sporting events.

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