Three new cancer drugs deliver better outcomes than original treatments

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Pfizer says its chemo drugs in clinical trials have shown better outcomes against the cancer phenom known as the Omicron – PX-866 than existing drugs that used to treat the cancer.

Researchers hope the breakthrough and new treatments will help lead to a new approach to fight Omicron – which primarily affects lymphoma patients.

In a study published in, New England Journal of Medicine, researchers say a combination of drugs seems to work by enhancing the body’s own T-cells which already play a key role in keeping tumors in check.

The drugs are known as cell-based therapies that use proprietary technology, less toxic and longer lasting than traditional chemotherapy treatments.

The study showed results against oral chemotherapy treatment previously used to fight the disease.

The head of research and development at Pfizer says the drugs are better than the oral treatment used to fight lymphoma.

Researchers say they also offer another alternative for patients who are not in enough danger from the chemotherapy itself.

The director of research at the Ludwig Institute says using this new technology has allowed them to personalize their treatments and hopefully one day help many more people avoid the debilitating disease.

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