This Brilliant Website Helps Spot the Dead “5 Dollar Houses” in Your Area

For Zillow, having a cool, dedicated group of people who loathe their houses is just the kind of stuff that helps grow its brand. And not just does it give them a handy target to tweet about, it also gets their attention, and generates some heat. That’s where Data Genius comes in, working with a group of 20 featured Zillow users to track, tag, and respond to trends on homes around the country.

The team also created a Scrivener-esque program called Homefeed that allows users to submit data, and label different sections of houses, across multiple categories. It’s another way to keep up with the type of data that the houses themselves generate, and the people who love to hate them.

To be honest, the first house we noticed was clearly unsalvageable, so perhaps that’s some sign of better things to come. But we’re still hoping that the blog posts about house hunting fail along with theirs in the same way every once in a while.

Here’s a look at Zillow’s announcement of this impressive new function.

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