The We Are the City star chatted with Refinery29 about his solo album ‘V.O.D.’

Since 2007, Raine Maida has been part of the indie rock band We Are the City. Throughout the years, the then-fledgling L.A. musician, who would later become a married father, has released music for his band, but never solo, until now. He will release a 10-track solo album, V.O.D., on Friday. It’s been a long time coming. The album has seen the work of 13 musicians — men and women. It’s been more than three years in the making, and Raine said that he often felt like his time in the studio was under siege by the band, who often didn’t exactly want him to record by himself.

“There were a lot of times that I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I would feel, ‘This has got to stop,’” he said. Raine mentioned that there was a particularly confusing meeting with one of his bandmates. “It felt like we didn’t know each other well enough to let me be the man in the room,” he said. Raine didn’t completely shy away from his bandmates. He said that he still goes into the studio often with We Are the City and does still get the guidance of his bandmates. “I’m not the only co-producer here,” he said.

We Are the City fans won’t have to wait much longer for new We Are the City music. And fans of Raine’s solo work won’t have to wait much longer for new We Are the City music either.

“It’s always going to be I Love It Loud by far and away [my favorite We Are the City song],” Raine said of the band’s new album, Now. “The new album is just a present and a response.”

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