The day after a tornado: Thanksgiving in pictures

Waukesha Christmas Parade (Madison)

The Waukesha Christmas Parade takes place in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Saturday morning, and the crowd is expected to exceed three million.

A spokesperson for Milwaukee police confirmed that ten people died when a fire truck struck a parade float carrying elderly people and reportedly engulfed the wagon. Another 14 people were injured. It is believed that the firefighters trying to put out the fire had blacked out while doing so. The parade had been organised in honour of Kneeland Morgan who died in March 2017, after a 25-year battle with multiple sclerosis.

Names of those killed and injured in Sunday’s fire truck crash have not yet been released. According to CNN, he autopsy will take place on Tuesday.

A new mid-day parade has been organised and people who were unable to attend on Saturday are encouraged to come out on Sunday afternoon instead.

Another twister touches down in Iowa

The brutal storms that have pounded the US Midwest have claimed another life. Storms hit Sioux City, Iowa on Sunday and the National Weather Service said that 50,000 people were left without power in the area. The tornado lifted its cocoon in an instant, but that hasn’t stopped National Guard troops from rushing to help.

According to NBC News, the tornado stripped trees down to the roots. “On the north side of the city, near Kilkenny, where little kids often play and sometimes even play with baseballs, the sport netting was covering just enough of the trees to allow them to stay upright,” the agency reported. Residents described the sight as “pure devastation.”

Thanksgiving storm brings tornado to Ohio

More than 70 people were left without power and millions were left without power on Thanksgiving as hurricane-force wind and heavy rain battered Ohio. Flash floods are occurring in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia and the National Weather Service is reporting that at least three of those people have died in extreme weather conditions.

It has been an unseasonable year for severe weather, as storms have hit in South Carolina, Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina.

As pictured above, two people are confirmed dead in Alabama after storms ripped through the area.

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