‘Soft’ infinity-edge pool opens in Dubai

Written by Staff Writer

(CNN) — Your usual luxury infinity pool may be just that, but in Dubai there’s a new one: one that goes 360 degrees.

The Moslem Blu Pool, by luxury resort operator John Murray , is comprised of a 5,865-square-foot pavilion made of glass and sleek stainless steel, and takes its inspiration from a village where the grandfather of Dubai resident Rabiah Al Rashidi went for adventure.

“From my childhood in Saudi Arabia, going back to visit family in the UAE, I was fascinated by this gem of a town,” says Al Rashidi.

“It’s a wonderful place to have loved and lost family and friends and the walk from one building to the next was a magical path, like crossing time and space.”

(Indeed, Al Rashidi is known for his time travel stories — including one involving a magical orb made of sand, a tea chest filled with green tea and a gold nugget that appeared to flow from his hand.)

Frequented by Dubai residents and visitors, the Moslem Blu Pool is located in the new, 29-story Jumeirah Square.

Spread over some 8,400 square feet, it is said to be Dubai’s first full-fledged ‘soft’ infinity pool.

Its exterior is situated above the street, illuminated at night from both inside and out. The interior incorporates the space’s traditional Arabian — and often mythical — aspects.

Inside: designer inspirations. courtesy Jumeirah Square

It has a drawbridge entrance, a marble flooring and vivid mosaics and edicts — or “chords” — created from calligraphy.

The ultimate relaxation: a five-star massage. courtesy Jumeirah Square

The pool overlooks a glass roof covered with an assortment of sun loungers and jetted-in cushions.

An adjacent lounge features Moroccan hammam-inspired seating and complimentary high-end beverages from local eateries Jumeirah Hotel and Siddeeq Salon & Spa .

Irina Moscowitz, Jumeirah Square’s marketing manager, says the structure fits in with the surrounding marble buildings and the area’s warm feeling of familial traditions.

“Like most modern cities, Dubai also has the other qualities of tradition that inspires creativity and innovation,” she says.

“The Moslem Blu Pool captures these complex and evolving traditions within the modern city, using the benefits of the digital world to bring the physical world to life.”

When this is all said and done, life will be better than ever before.

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