See the incredible ‘Stein Strasse’ artworks on London’s port floor

By Andrey Biryukov, Ewa Krukowska and Eugenia Bendorko, CNN • Updated 19th November 2017

Sculpted faces, carved intricate landscapes and stone carvings: London’s Port of London Authority has been celebrating these stunning artworks over a seven-month period.

The “Stein Strasse carvings,” which run along a 1.7-kilometer stretch of the river bank, are the latest installation by the gallery-style oases, commissioned by the agency to celebrate London’s rich collection of ancient art.

The tunnels, constructed in the 18th century, boast amazing views of the Thames and view platforms with views of the Tate Modern, the National Gallery and Tate St Ives.

Striking images of the extraordinary artworks were captured on film by an eagle-eyed CNN London photographer on a crowded and rainy Friday night as he captured a moment of the scene from above.

See below for images taken by the photographer and the images appear in their original form in this video.

Adults can visit the Port of London for a limited time, paying the usual £4 ($5.30) — but only if they’re wearing a helmet and a visor.

If they don’t happen to be arty types, you can snap a selfie with the images.

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