Restored Ritz Paris is a Watery Spectacle in the City of Light

The world’s most famous hotel, the Ritz, has reopened after a 19-month luxury reno. It was a jaw-dropping sight to behold—and even more striking was the rooftop infinity pool. You can get as close as 20 feet, being afforded a watery retreat from the rest of the city.

Welcome to the Ritz Paris, a 17th-century landmark closed in 2016. It opened last week with over 100 rooms, 30 penthouses, and the help of famed British architect Norman Foster. While the hotel is undergoing renovations, visitors can still stay at the Champs-Elysees–Hôtel de Ville (formerly called the Presidential) in another 100 rooms on the hotel’s main floor and downstairs.

Earlier this week, La Tour D’Amerique de la Ritz, the world’s most prestigious branded hotel, debuted a $950-a-night suite featuring a 1,250-square-foot patio.

To enter, guests enter from the street via a golden marble staircase. From the outdoor terrace, a spacious infinity pool facing the Arc de Triomphe provides 360-degree views of the city. Luxury penthouses have their own bathrooms and master suites within green outdoor courtyards, too.

To get to the rooftop infinity pool, visitors stroll past Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Parked on its private lot, are additional private swimming pools. While both bathrooms come with a Jacuzzi, it has a more luxurious feel than the downstairs ones. Beyond the infinity pool, tenants can stay in two 25-foot curved glass tanks furnished with cocoons, fur-covered seats, sofas, and comfy armchairs.

Of course, the pool is merely a mini-garden in the sky and a serene respite—nothing that would compete with the city below. The park is located right next to the 37-floor hotel building, though there is no space to barbecue or relax because of the security measures in place.

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