‘Pure Heroine’ by Harry Styles

Written by By Tallulah Bankhead, CNN

British pop star Harry Styles is helping his fans go goth, or, at least, in the case of “Pure Heroine” lips. The pop star has just launched a signature cosmetic collection.

The “aesthetic experience” from the former One Direction singer mixes glitz with techie artistry. Styles collaborated with Bang Bang Studio, whose founding creative director is celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath.

The multi-layer look launches on 1 August with three shades of lips, including “Pure Heroine” — a searing, copper nude with peony-scented, satin kisses on top.

Taking cues from his new movie “Dunkirk,” Styles drew inspiration from the British Empire’s darkest war and abandoned island, saving his most chilling palette for the last two shades.

Another collaboration between Styles and Bang Bang collaborated on a limited edition striped lip wear, which he explained he tried to recreate, but only on his skin.

Given the Dior clientele that Styles’ stockinette, of course, the collection includes a range of clutches and rucksacks.

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