Photos of the day: New York Islanders’ win over LA Kings at Barclays Center

At last. What may have been the most controversial moment in the 34-year history of the New York Islanders’ home opener proved to be the Isles’ finally home, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The teams faced off for the first time at the new arena and it is safe to say it was the home team that left with the win. The Islanders opened with an 8-2 victory, earning an early 2-0 lead, and settled in to the Kings-based blowout that followed. But in a final act fitting for a team that has had much to be disgruntled about over the years, the Islanders continued to take shots at their new training facility and how different the atmosphere around the team has become. Here are some of the best highlights from Thursday night’s game.

Captain Jack is, ah, captain reborn

“It was a good opener. We won, so I guess we are home!”

The future’s bright for Islanders fan

“We were thrilled to get out here and play here and as a fan it was really exciting. We saw that it was a different atmosphere and we were a little bit blown away by the fact that they wanted us to be here. It was a little overwhelming. But it was great playing here.”

The Islanders are starting to believe in themselves again

“It means we had a good year. But that’s one game and things could easily fall apart. There is no magic all of a sudden, it’s just the first game of the year.”

Rookies get in on the fun

“It was good to get those young guys some playing time and there was a lot of excitement in the stands so that was cool to see.”

Coach is ready to turn it around

“This was an important step to see how we could help start the season and we’ll take that positive step for a couple more games.”

Image // SOURCE: NBA

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