People in Egypt bemoan tiny scorpions that burst into insect fights

A rare weather system sweeping across western parts of Egypt has caused scorpions to swarm people’s homes.

The arachnids have been released in areas west of the city of Luxor, CBC reported. They have been found in several parts of Cairo.

No one has been harmed by the insects, but the arachnids have been causing headaches and making people sneeze. The the insects have also littered from palm trees to buildings.

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“For three days, I couldn’t sit inside the house. I was all itching. I was so sniffly. There was no air,” a woman told CBC.

The streets of Luxor in the Nile Delta were coated in insects on Sunday, according to state media.

Researchers predict that scorpions are dangerous to children, elderly and those with weakened immune systems. They are not normally dangerous to humans.

The government told citizens to wear rubber gloves when handling the arachnids, CBC reported.

Residents are urged to not wrap up in bed sheets or towels to prevent the insects from entering the homes.

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