Maverick Viñales dodges disaster after bailing out at 228 kph

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Video shows jetliner hurtling through sky after taking off from Bologna airport and ignoring emergency warning sign

Maverick Viñales dodges disaster after bailing out at 228 kph

A rogue plane made an emergency landing on an Italian island late on Friday.

There were no reported injuries on the Air Europa flight but all those on board were moved to a school on the island of Giglio because the area is being evacuated to protect against a meteorite.

Video shot from a nearby observation post shows the jetliner hurtling through the sky, its nose just touching the runway, before it dumps its fuel in the sea and skims across an area known as the Torre Emporda.

All the occupants miraculously survived. Some smoke was seen coming from the craft but was quickly extinguished.

Video of the emergency landing on the Tuscan island of Giglio.

“All procedures were followed, with the exception of the the fuel being discharged before the landing,” an investigation into the incident was being opened, the head of Italy’s civil aviation authority, Carmelo Zuccaro, said.

Local authorities closed the airport and ordered the evacuation of residents on the Giglio island, where the Andrea Doria sank to the bottom of the sea in 1956 after hitting an iceberg.

In 1999, a British Airways flight ditched into the sea on the island’s southern tip during heavy weather, injuring 122 people.

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