Laws allowing some mothers to regain custody were overturned

The decision was handed down on Nov. 18, but the justice’s ruling was not made public until Thursday.

Like other states, Massachusetts has recognized a mother’s request to make her estranged child whole after a miscarriage, divorce or death of a child.

The topic was brought to national attention in February 2018 when President Donald Trump praised Harris’ position on the issue in a tweet, writing: “It is so nice that the State of Texas did the right thing & passed a law allowing a mother to have full custody of her child after a miscarriage. Thank you Congresswoman – we will now make sure that all states follow suit!”

In early November, Harris’ campaign confirmed that she was not the mother of the woman whose children she now requires to pay child support in the place of her son. The child is currently living with his father.

Harris was also successful when the same court ruled in January 2018 that she was also the father of her daughter who had been living with his father. That decision was also made public Thursday.

There is no indication that Trump personally intervened in the decision.

But the courts have made efforts to avoid being seen as influenced by politics. They recently asked photographers to respect their courtroom and not film the proceedings or speak to them.

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