Kristen Stewart — and other female movie stars — weigh in on Ryan Coogler’s ‘Black Panther’

“We’d totally made a [adult] version of ‘Groundhog Day’ and … I remember it so vividly. The first time I saw the new version, I got chills. There’s such an emotional truth and humanity to it. And when you see those mountains, you see that the film exists on an intimate scale. I’ve always wanted to do something that was unique and has its own texture. I loved ‘Beasts of No Nation,’ but it had its own ethos and style to it, I think.

I always wonder about ‘Darkest Hour.’ What was the dialogue like? What was the look like? What was the narration like? When you see ‘Darkest Hour,’ the look has changed, the feel has changed, the language has changed.

I liked the idea that if you watched it with a woman, it could be sensual. It could be erotic, and I think it’s really important for a film to, well, I guess that’s it. For me, the whole idea was … a strong woman in power, who is free, and has clear ideals and clear rules and clear ethics. I think it’s a great opportunity for any woman in power to set the rules. But also for anyone. In general, what I look for is honesty and empathy and forthrightness and intelligence, all of which are really important qualities.

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