Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan say Stephen Curry will relish his second trip to NBA Finals

Curry wasn’t eligible to play in the playoffs as he was recovering from surgery, but he played well in the two Game 7s of the Western Conference semifinals and opened eyes with his Finals performance.

It’s not an easy play to come back from. And McGrady said Curry’s ability to stay on the court and excel makes him a player who can repeat that level of play this season.

“I love the way the Warriors went about their business during that postseason,” McGrady said. “They left their guys alone and they were prepared to do whatever. On offense, when you have guys that can shoot it and they’re composed defensively, it’s hard for a team to slow them down because they’re so good.”

When a reporter asked McGrady if he would give OKC’s Russell Westbrook a break — he averaged a triple-double last season — or even Golden State’s Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry — who are tied for the league’s scoring lead — because they played early in the postseason, McGrady shot down the idea of the idea being that old.

“No, these guys are guys that play a lot of minutes every night,” McGrady said. “They stay in a lot of pain. They’re warriors. They’ll be back for another run.”

The Warriors crushed the Thunder during the regular season last year, and McGrady said if OKC improves its point guard play, it could hurt Golden State again.

“I think they’ve got one of the best point guards in the game in Russell Westbrook, and it will be a little bit tough to beat the Warriors,” McGrady said. “Kevin Durant will be back, Stephen Curry is going to be back. These guys have already played in the playoffs. They have their guys back. It’s going to be a hell of a run.”

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