JK Rowling receives death threats over unpublished manuscript

Just before the launch of her critically acclaimed new novel, the Harry Potter creator receives death threats after receiving information about the locations of her front door

When JK Rowling received the details of her front door from an anonymous Twitter user, a wave of terror cascaded over the Harry Potter author.

Rowling retweeted the tweet: “I can’t apologise enough for putting someone through a full-on, throat-clearceing panic attack before we’d even met”, adding “This was an activist turning someone’s porch into a warzone with random missiles.”

JK Rowling (@jk_rowling) When a highly charged person looks you in the eye and admits to reading your tweets, then comes after you. And does this publicly without your permission. This is disgraceful and I apologise profusely. https://t.co/CQn65GnpMS

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I’m terrified of you. This is a revolution now. I haven’t responded to you personally, but I will turn you all into dinner.

Rowling explained she’d only responded to the tweet because she doesn’t know the person who posted it, but online trolls have spent the past two days sending her more than 2,000 Tweets threatening her, saying that if she doesn’t return the information about her address – “now” – they’ll personally kill her.

After the Guardian confirmed on Sunday that the person who had leaked the address was someone who told Rowling he’d read some of her tweets, following her public criticism of Donald Trump’s presidency, they began sending the author a barrage of nasty Tweets.

And within 24 hours, Rowling was receiving death threats, asking why she doesn’t die, was going to be harmed and that she wouldn’t make it to Christmas.

“Piss off or leave. I can’t help what some moron decides to do with his anger. But that’s none of my business. Merry Xmas.”

She deleted some of the more unhinged Tweets, and apologised “profusely” for her “total lack of sympathy with whoever this person is, and particularly for his great waste of time.”

It’s not the first time Rowling has been the target of anti-Trump supporters who have shared her tweets. Earlier this year, she was targeted by a group calling themselves “The Snitch Team”, who spread the supposed addresses of 19 agents of the US justice department, in an attempt to incite violence against them.

For last weekend’s launch of her new novel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Rowling released a list of her personal information, with her full name, address, phone number, LinkedIn profile, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and website domains, such as Pottermore.

She said: “It’s not just the threat of violence I’m worried about, but the fact that these threats are coming from real people.”

Rowling has also posted a series of messages condemning those who share her information, and called them “extremists”.

She tweeted: “Reading this has been making me physically ill. I know I shouldn’t. Because we don’t get to decide who that person is. But we do. And who that person is is based on a lie. That’s terrible.”

Also, this tweet.

A statement posted by Rowling on her Pottermore website said: “All I want to say is that I am very sorry that this person has made me feel this way. None of it is my fault. I don’t know this person. He doesn’t even look like me. He has shown little or no respect for my privacy or the privacy of my family. I’ve not received any response to any of my calls, text messages or emails. I’m not a snitch. But this is beyond the pale.”

Rowling also posted a photo of her dog Penny, reading the list of her address.

A post on the @jk_rowling Facebook page said: “It’s true. I’m very shocked and very upset. And quite rightly so. And, by the way, the person who tweeted this doesn’t even look like me, to all fairness.”

While there was a burst of activity on Twitter at

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