If You’re Even Comfortably Scared of Skinny Jeans, Ask This Expert!

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If you’re even remotely scared of skinny jeans, take a look at Hollywood’s women lately… And ask…

FOX’s Kristen Welker has ‘FOX on Beauty’:

It’s not only Zac Efron in skinny jeans, but Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, even Uma Thurman and Charlize Theron. What’s going on?

Well, Rosie Hernando, Chief Marketing Officer at Spanx says the reason is simple, people are feeling better about their bodies and want to share it.

But with slimming and toning results, does wearing pantyhose or panties cause wrinkles? Giulia Pollina from the NYC Clinic says there’s actually no evidence that it does.

More evidence for the idea that men under the age of 10 shouldn’t be reading this on FOX:

Not only are people over 40 years old more likely to use tanning beds than children under 13, but 40 percent of tanning beds used are going to those over 60… and 69 percent of tanning bed use is actually in the bedroom.

So don’t worry about wrinkles or sun damage. There are safer ways to get a nice color.

Kristen Welker, FOX News.

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