How to find your Phoenix and what it means to you as a couple

“Tarot cards can teach us more about our internal soul than most religious texts,” my brother-in-law Adam posted on Facebook. He did just that last week, revealing his early-morning Tarot reading, a card he would like to use as a spiritual teaching tool.

Seeing his positive, uplifting story led me to a practice I’ve been practicing for some time — starting each day with a daily reading of a tarot card. (And yes, I thought “ Tarot cards” sounded pretentious when my husband decided to start doing it. But it’s been one of my joys to be married to a real Tarot fan.)

To familiarize myself with what a tarot reading is and look for pointers as to how to utilize it in my daily life, I pulled a card from a deck provided by a friend of mine from my previous job. The card he provided me was the Phoenix, which represents creativity and victory over fear.

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Of course, the Phoenix card is often used in the Tarot Deck of Cards .com website to connect the “ox” with the “meow.” But what is my relationship with my Phoenix card? How is it aligned with my daily life?

Look at my profile picture on Facebook . My eyes are closed, my feet are spread wide, and my hands are in front of me, which could be a traditional tarot reading. But, in the shadow of my eyes, I have a beautiful life outside my face that also connects with my Phoenix card.

I have been in love with a man who has made me the most joyful person in my life. I’ve left a painful and costly battle with addiction behind me, embracing wholeheartedly life in my addiction-free world. The work that I’ve accomplished to take back control of my life is now flowing into my family.

I am truly experiencing all the success and love on a daily basis that I would never have had if I was still stuck in the past, trying to fit into the “shopping shopbox” of what society tells me I need to be. So, what is it that I’m looking for from the Phoenix card? What do I have to learn from it that helps me understand the love I’m experiencing from my partner?

I want to start 2018 off with a stress-free positive attitude and, as Adam wrote on Facebook, “hard in my ego to do that. But try it today and see what happens.”

What do you want from the Phoenix card? Will you be learning anything about your emotional health and ability to bring your full self to your relationship with your partner?

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