Golf Lessons: Inspiration-Inspiring stories from Dubai Ladies Pro-Am

Below is an excerpt from Emily Pedersen’s golf blog. You can read more of her blog here.


Recently, I received the call from Emirates A.E. playing the Qatar Golf Championship which was held in the third week of September. The Dubai Ladies International Pro-Am (aka DLOPGA) being an international pro-am is always very well organized and I had a really good experience. When I stepped onto the golf course with my buddy and my friend’s dad, I could just feel how special it was for them.

I saw some fantastic golf during my day, and I really liked the form of the golfers. Most of the golfers are playing pro-am tournaments at different international events, and I got to see that they have a good time out there and are just having fun.

The big difference between the DLOPGA and other international pro-am golf tournaments was that each player played a different par 4, and there was a food catering tent so the players can make sure they have enough sustenance to go through the next few hours. I was very impressed with the way they presented all the food on the course.

On the last hole of the day, there was a player that had a birdie putt. I stood up and applauded her as she lined up the putt, but then she followed me around the green to congratulate me for my fun tournament.

Emirates A.E. finished in a tie for fourth place, and since the day had an event, of course everyone was happy.

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