Ghostbusters: Paul Feig confirms all-male reboot

Director has told fans the old foursome will return, but they won’t be called that any more – and they won’t be their old names

It’s more than 20 years since the original Ghostbusters opened to both massive fandom and a brutal split of opinion from viewers. Despite reservations that Phyllis Diller made sure of, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson survived. So what about Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is not-so-surprisingly – nothing. The Ghostbusters franchise has largely changed shape following a change of name. In 2016, the movie re-boot Ghostbusters: Answer the Call was renamed Ghostbusters: The Answer. And now, director Paul Feig has confirmed that he has written a new story and set of characters for the new Ghostbusters, set to begin shooting later this year.

On social media Feig, confirmed that the new Ghostbusters would not be called the original Ghostbusters. Instead, he said, they would be the Lincolns of the title. The lone female in the team will be Patty Tolan (played by Katie Dippold), while the rest are men.

Paul Feig (@paulfeig) The Lincolns are all over the new #Ghostbusters. Each has a very different relationship to the former Ghostbusters, but love them all the same.

Fans will have had to wait a long time to see the story Feig has crafted to take us forward, but he took some time to give his ideas some exposition.

Announcing the news, he added: “I’ve always loved the original concept of making a movie where everybody in New York knew each other. We want the audience to feel like they’re going back to that original world.”

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He also confirmed that he would bring back the original four for his new Ghostbusters. Feig revealed that he had been a fan of the original while he was growing up, and had always wanted to make a Ghostbusters movie. The director was excited to have the chance to “follow up the original movie and one day see it again, that’s the fun”.

“We all have a different fondness for the original movie, but it’s so fresh and so innovative, that it’s something we all wanted to re-introduce to a new generation,” Feig concluded.

The casting for the new Ghostbusters is expected to be announced next week, with Feig confirming that the response to the casting for the original movie is still “profoundly” influence the way they make the new. “I hope that this world is driven by a passionate fandom as much as it was in the original Ghostbusters,” Feig said.

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