“FOX Makeover”: New York City School Teacher

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A New York City school teacher transformed a recently abandoned car into the world’s largest and most powerful telescope in a move inspired by her desire to capture the ultimate shot of Perseid meteors.

FOX’s Sophia Mallini reports in this “FOX Makeover”:

The man behind this film you see, is New York City teacher, Cesar Llerena.

(Llerena) “When I was bored, this was the answer.”

Llerena, originally from Santa Catarina, Chile, discovered what is now an enduring passion for photography. So much so, he started a group called the Museum of Fiction.

(Llerena) “To create a database, because there’s so many novels out there.”

But this wouldn’t be a personal project. Llerena wants to provide a telescope for a city school kids. His invention is the biggest in the world.

(Llerena) “I built it, because I like photography, and I’m a teacher and I wanted to have a nice image.”

And it’s also a working telescope. So far, 700 of them have been launched into space.

(Llerena) “The best photographs of our planet that anybody can take is when they watch the meteors passing through our atmosphere.”

And it’s not limited to a single town.

(Llerena) “I think what I have developed so far is to shoot the same time the meteor enters the earth’s atmosphere.”

That’s the focus of this NY segment of “FOX Makeover,” coming to FOX News Radio in the morning, and most likely later in the evening.

Sophia Mallini, FOX News Radio.

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