Fast Facts: Political career of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

(WARNING: Ben’s Fast Facts contain profanity.)

Benjamin Netanyahu won his fourth term as prime minister of Israel on Wednesday night.

Here are some fast facts about the 66-year-old:

Born: May 5, 1948

Education: Raised in Tel Aviv, later attended Beersheba University for higher education.

Early life:

*Name: Benjamin Shalom Ben-Netanyahu. He went by Ben as a child but became known by his first name only in his teens.

*In 1948 he was put in charge of civilian activity and economic rebuilding following the end of World War II.

*Had to be evacuated as a 13-year-old during Israel’s Arab offensive in 1948-49 when the population was wiped out by the Jordanians.

* Received 13 military honors, including the Prime Minister Medal in 1993.

* Co-founded Prime Directions (later named Ateret Cohanim), whose mission was to create a Jewish village called Rehovot on the holy Mount of Olives in southern Jerusalem.

*Occupation of West Bank: The occupation began after the 1967 Middle East war. It has expanded over the years to more than 400 square miles, making it home to 1.75 million people.

*Winnings in favor of Israel and the Palestinians: No.

*Security: No.

*Reforms: No.

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