Ex-Newsnight, Panorama reporter to swim around the world

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Naomi Truesdale, 67, with her lifejacket on board a support boat as she begins her swim at Jamar Bar Island in Makati Bay

An endurance swimmer from Australia plans to swim around the world to raise money for ocean conservation.

Naomi Truesdale, 67, hopes to raise between $50,000 (£37,300) and $75,000 (£57,600) for the Chiltern Foundation, an Australian organisation that works to help protect the planet’s oceans.

Ms Truesdale, who is from New South Wales, will start around a third of the way through her journey in Makati Bay, Manila.

The swim is planned to last six to 10 months.

She will swim for two weeks at a time and is taking around 15-20 kilograms of supplies with her.

Image copyright Philip Sheppard/AFP Image caption One of the most stunning views Ms Truesdale is likely to take home is of fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand

Ms Truesdale is expected to arrive in Singapore on 20 December.

The Guinness World Record for the longest ocean swim is held by a 66-year-old Australian, John Turner, who swam around the South China Sea from Bintan Island to Singapore on a flotilla of rowing boats.

Mr Turner swam the 50km-a-day circuit for six days and 54 hours over the course of two and a half months.

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