Editorial: The greatest achievements of the greatest sporting summer in history

Not many people have the power to schedule in a holiday break to watch sports like they are watching its way out of existence. But @VT_Tourism has a trick up its sleeve – we are going to cover every event of the 2020 Olympics, and you have free reign over which games and events you want to watch.

Making the cut would be more than a reward in itself. But @VT_Tourism is more than just a service for paying customers. They do this as a service to the independent sporting fans. They are doing this as a service to the individuals who love watching sports. They are doing this as a service to those who have been forced to watch, and you because being part of this service requires you to acknowledge the fact that you’re a fan, you are a fan who enjoys watching sport, and that can be a tough concept to swallow for many. It is as much about self acceptance and a dare to dig in and say ‘yes, I am a fan.’

That’s what we offer here at @VT_Tourism, so what would your agenda of coverage include?

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