British police charge American tourists for allegedly sneaking into the Colosseum drunk

Tourists are known for their strange antics, even outside Rome. While at the Colosseum, they toppled a marble statue, reportedly to make a video. But some tourists had perhaps much more memorable antics on Tuesday, reportedly breaking into the Colosseum to drink beers and play with children.

And yes, tourists took photos of themselves in their bathrobes and parkas crawling through the Colosseum.

CNN reports that four American tourists and two Chinese trekkers walked into the Colosseum after authorities had closed the site. While the Roman wonders itself didn’t steal their belongings, police were quick to seize the men’s cellphones and handbags for stealing.

The robbers didn’t even have time to stop by the museum’s gift shop, where they stocked up on many types of souvenirs, like cotton candy ($6.25) and umbrellas ($32).

Police released video surveillance of the incident, in which tourists are seen walking up to the Colosseum and licking the statue of Saint Sebastian in the aftermath of toppling it.

“They came out of the Colosseum and were finishing off their beer, drinking it out of a bottle before walking off again,” an Italian police spokeswoman told CNN.

Police say the men say they planned the crime and brought several fake IDs, broken wine glasses and clothing with them in hopes of avoiding police, CNN reports.

The four tourists, who are now locked up in custody, have admitted their actions. They told police they took a “falling down” video, CNN reports. They said they believed the statue would stop falling, and that it was stupid to think police would arrive, the spokeswoman told CNN.

The discovery of graffiti was not accidental, either, the spokeswoman said. Some of the messages scrawled in the marble walls of the Colosseum told the Americans that as “rebellious tourists” to behave.

It isn’t a new phenomenon for tourists to break into cultural sites. Back in 2013, a group of tourists walked into a zoo in Stockholm and had their faces painted with green cacti. They also smashed up some artifacts.

But such incidents are increasingly rare. CNN notes that in 2016, police in Wales stopped a group of five “very naughty” tourists from going into the Castle Keep of the Tower of London and stealing expensive jewellery.

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