Brazil works with SpaceX to expand Amazonian forests, improve internet access

Brazil is working on a partnership with Elon Musk’s SpaceX in an effort to improve internet access in rural areas and monitor the Amazonian forest.

According to the United States-Brazil Trade Promotion Agreement, any agreement between the U.S. and Brazil relating to technology can be considered a bilateral agreement and cannot be “condone[d] by a country other than that of ratification”.

The agreement allows the United States to oppose such technology transfers in “exceptional circumstances,” but does not specify what those circumstances are.

Brazilian Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo is encouraging countries to consider the entry into force of the new technology transfer agreement.

In Brazil, there is a proposed project for SpaceX to install a satellite constellation throughout Latin America that, if it becomes a reality, would provide internet to more than 700 million people in the region.

The agreement was reached in an Oct. 19 meeting of state trade officials, local media reports.

Brazilian officials hope to begin negotiations with Mexico on accessing those satellites and could be set to seal agreements with at least two of the other Latin American countries that participated in the discussions: Colombia and Chile.

One of the main reasons why the partnership was proposed, Brazilian officials say, is that it would help expand internet access in Brazil.

Amazon rainforest has been identified as one of the prime areas for renewables use to be conducted in and the establishment of forest carbon offsets for logging and mining operations could benefit from the presence of satellites.

The companies participating in the project have reported agreements with Amazonian communities.

There were a few concerns raised when the plan to establish the satellite network was first announced by the government.

One of the main reasons for concern was how the satellite will be able to detect deforestation in the Amazon and also deal with movements within the rainforest.

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