Bodies pile up outside hospital morgue as Romania struggles with fourth wave of Covid

British tourists killed on cruise ship in tragic accident at sea, as Romania’s bitter cold bites Europeans in Strasbourg

Bodies pile up outside hospital morgue as Romania struggles with fourth wave of Covid

More than 30 bodies are being collected from a Bucharest morgue after a British cruise ship was evacuated when a fatal storm hit and sank.

Ten people were killed, including two Britons, when the 176-metre Crested Eagle veered off course and crashed into a rocky reef.

The 110 passengers and 32 crew members were rescued from the ship, the largest cruise liner docked in Romania. Eight passengers were transferred to a nearby hospital and their medical treatment was continuing, the Rompadi national news agency reported.

On Saturday, the death toll jumped to 23, according to the Interior Ministry.

The injured were not immediately identified.

Medical director at the Duisenberg hospital, which received the injured, said that there was no serious danger of infections and that there were enough masks to handle the possible number of dead.

President Klaus Iohannis, and the head of a lobby group for cruise ships, the International Cruise Council, called on the cruise industry to review safety guidelines.

The Temesta-RAE vessel is operated by the German cruise line, Saga, which is owned by TUI.

A spokesman for the Romanian Transport Ministry confirmed that the cause of the accident was windy seas that caused the vessel to veer to the south and hit the reef.

Passengers on the Crested Eagle told local media that the crew abandoned ship after the captain made a split-second decision to return to the port of Constanta. Some also complained that crews were slow to react when the crew member operating the ship’s heavy radar was incapacitated.

The ship did not initially list but was then submerged inside the harbor. The National Sea Transport and Safety Agency is investigating the accident.

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