Biggest things we learned about Trump’s finances in 2018

Written by Staff Writer

Back in 2016, CNN published its first story about Donald Trump’s finances with the allegation that he might be using offshore accounts to hide his wealth. Since then, other news outlets, including NBC, have been digging into the President’s finances, and all of them have found problems with the way the President has presented his tax returns.

The President infamously refused to turn over his income tax returns as part of the transition, claiming they were under audit. But there has been mounting evidence of financial mismanagement, ongoing fraud or even tax fraud, suggesting a much larger financial hole than the President is prepared to come clean about.

CNN has proven — after months of reporting on Trump’s private business dealings — that not only is Trump’s personal finances a mess, his businesses are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. Trump’s company owes lenders nearly $1 billion, according to documents obtained by CNN. CNN has also exposed Trump’s family members financially profiting off of his companies, and Trump’s tax returns, once again, have raised suspicions that the President and his family are hiding income and assets.

CNN’s reporting alone, in its own way, has contributed significantly to the public’s understanding of and outrage over the Trump administration’s financial troubles. We will not relent in our pursuit of the truth.

Since the beginning of CNN’s reporting on Trump’s finances, other major media organizations have stepped up to join the coverage. The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and more have been following in CNN’s footsteps, each picking up on the Trump ledger and continuing to report on its troubling aspects.

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