Best Bets: The Capital Pride Day Parade; Capital Trans Pride

Sania Wartley is a social media influencer from Queens, NY, who says she’s more comfortable blogging than modeling. “I prefer to be open and real,” Wartley said. “That’s the way I want to live my life.”

She’s now a regular on the NYC social scene, working with celebrities and creating content for the big brands. That’s how she ended up at the Capital Pride Day Parade on Oct. 21 as a part of Wonder Year Creative.

Wartley was a seasoned cheerleader at Queens Community College in 2010, but it was during her second year as a volunteer that her world took an unexpected turn. “It was around that time that there started to be problems in the feminist movement,” Wartley said. “The conservative wing of feminism became the majority.”

At the age of 21, the student activist tried to study abroad at Cambridge, but could not afford it, so Wartley found an alternative. “I went to Leicester. It was just a small rural college, but I could do this,” she said. “I discovered what it was to go to school and have such a horrible time. It motivated me to do something for women around the world.”

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