Austria’s lights in Switzerland disappear

What caused it to stop working? A spokesman from the company which provides the lights, Swissroam, told dailies Die Welt and Süddeutsche Zeitung he believed two water pipes were pinched, leading to a heavy influx of water over the course of the month. Whether water was used as a disinfectant, part of the overnight lighting for the illegal camping area in the valley below, or both remains unclear, however.

The biggest concern is that the problem is now spreading around Austria, with workers on the border between Germany and Austria being prevented from carrying out essential maintenance of the track on the Austrian side. So far nine more roads in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany have also stopped working.

In spite of suggestions by Swissroam that they may eventually resolve the problem, the traffic lights remain switched off all night and keep flicking red at least 24 hours a day.

Is it safe? A spokesperson from the Central Czech Motorway Police told that, as long as the artificial river did not pose a threat to road users or road crossings, they would consider the lights safe.

Danish far-right blog 4chan came up with the proposed solution and what it plans to do. The group would deactivate one of the water pipes and replace it with a permanent green light to simulate the situation.

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