America’s best (and worst) cities for hotels, restaurants, and retail

Top destinations for the people of North America

At the same time that Canadian airlines offer direct flights to New York and a growing number of U.S. airports are expanding their domestic flight choices, much of the rest of the continent continues to shy away from U.S. tourists. So where can someone get a good hotel room, a good meal, and good, affordable entertainment or retail shopping for about $200 to $300 per night?

For an accurate assessment of all the best places to get things done on the continent — and for the best way to book a flight to one of those cities — I turned to Miami-based travel expert Richard Aboulafia, an aviation analyst with Teal Group, an aviation research firm.

“They say when the U.S. market for big city hotels goes down, so goes everyone else,” Aboulafia said. “They are right. Just as you get into a downturn in individual hotel stocks, you get into downturns in economy-class hotels. There’s no magic formula for hotel supply-demand balance in the business-class market.”

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