Amateur Video Maker Recovers Altered-Date SUV of Missing Teens From Camp

An Internet video user has discovered the car of teens who disappeared 21 years ago after they were reported missing.

Gene Keating, an amateur marine photographer and YouTuber from South Carolina, said the vehicle was abandoned on land in South Carolina 21 years ago.

“I think what happened to these kids was they went to the summer camp up in New York and they didn’t come back,” Keating said. “The way they would have picked up the vehicles, they would have been holding the vehicle a certain way and that is the only car that I found from the camp camp.”

Keating reportedly spotted the abandoned white 1997-model Cadillac in a clearing off a county road. He said he has spent years searching for the vehicle.

Police are calling the discovery “the most far-fetched sighting they’ve received in their investigation,” WSB reported.

The parents of the missing teens — who have not been identified — had filed a missing persons report with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office in 1998.

The two teenage boys, who reportedly attended a summer camp in the area, were last seen at the camp grounds where there was a transient area where they would have been dropped off.

The boys’ family members said the teens frequented the transportation business that operated in the area, and the location of the vehicle does not match.

“The overall pattern is just very very peculiar,” said Cumberland County Sheriff Randy Garrett, adding that so many different things appear out of place with the young teens that are missing.

“I have been talking to folks who have worked for this company since the 90s and I know nothing about this vehicle. Nobody told me about it. Nobody saw it. Nobody saw it in my company,” Garrett said.

The family of the teens is “100 percent confident” the vehicle belongs to their missing sons, the report said.

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