Actresses’ TV sex scenes banned in Afghanistan

Authorities say maulana had set up Sharia councils to decide whether to sanction acts of nudity and foul language

Female actors in TV dramas will be banned in Afghanistan from the beginning of next month, a government spokesman has said, as Taliban fighters step up efforts to cleanse the region of foreign influences.

The ban on sex scenes and other content deemed offensive will come into force on 6 May and could apply to actor and film-maker Fawzia Koofi, who has starred in four seasons of the hit series Koshche Mere (Girls on TV), said spokesman Fawzi Khosh.

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Koofi is among a handful of Afghan women who have made it big in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry. Her own heroine-character takes part in “extreme intimacy” scenes in the latest season and has an affair with a character who at one point urinates on her.

“This is a move to preserve Islamic values … If [talents] are not careful, they can be killed for doing something that is not Islamic,” Khosh said.

Around 1,200 more Taliban fighters, many of them hardened by fighting in the years-long war, have been called in to join the Taliban’s military council.

More than 90% of those taking part have “military experience or have been involved in fighting” and were recruited from 41 districts across the country, the ministry of defence said.

Taliban militants are shown raising their arms in victory after taking a province. Photograph: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Some of the men will reportedly be sent to “front-line” military deployments such as Kunduz province and Afghanistan’s remote northeast, while others will be sent to Zabul, Badakhshan and other Taliban strongholds.

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