A ‘psychopath’: Saudi royal palace head vents about his brother’s dark side

Maj. Gen. Turki bin Saleh al-Bandar, a former Saudi intelligence officer and brother of the crown prince, has recounted to him he knew at least 10 people who died in suspicious circumstances around 2015, including several killing sprees, the Times of London reports.

Bandar told Prince Mohammed that the main conclusion was that the crown prince had a “perverted” personality.

“He told me: ‘I kill people, I cut off people’s heads, I don’t need weapons to do that. I’m a psychopath. I have time to kill someone.’ “

The Saudi royal family are strict monarchs and have a reputation for extrajudicial killings, including involving the use of missile launchers. But two senior Yemeni officials were assassinated in airstrikes over the summer last year. The officials had reportedly escaped a U.S. airstrike at a Houthi target in the area in 2015.

The Saudis have defended their operations in Yemen as legitimate targeting.

Bandar added that he did not know of people who went to the U.S. to seek refuge as the war intensified. “They’re being killed. From what I understand there are very few who want to come to the U.S. for any kind of help, and they’re being killed.”

When the prince met with Prince Bandar in 2010, he had to ask for the command officer’s pardon on six counts of defection and leaking classified documents to informers.

“He said: ‘I’m a star like him. I’m a star like him. I’m one of the stars that can do anything I want.’ He said this under his breath,” Bandar recounted.

Prince Mohammed’s latest purge of princes and government officials to try to contain dissent has reportedly caught the attention of U.S. officials as well as individuals with whom Saudi Arabia has worked closely, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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