5 Great Deals at MADE in November

This Black Friday, MADE, a company dedicated to giving “affordable and modern” goods for less, is offering discounts on items from brands like ASOS, Missguided, Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo, REI, and more. Prices start at under $40, and there’s over 100 picks in the sale.

The brand’s mission is to cut costs for consumers, and, according to spokesperson Heather May, MADE allows for people to buy things that they think are fashionable but aren’t inexpensive, such as accessorizing with Farfetch jewels or a classic Prada wallet. “We say buy it now, because it isn’t for sale anymore,” May said. “We want the clothes to be wearable, cool, and versatile, so don’t worry about frills and trends, but focus on doing something different, affordable, and effortless.”

Do you still need a new holiday outfit? Check out these fashionable finds that are still on sale at MADE this Black Friday:

Aurora Mid-Zip V-Neck Sweater, $48 at MADE

A subtle monochromatic ensemble to last you through the holidays at MADE. It’s cozy enough to wear to cozy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and for hot summer days.

Cropped Chino or Crew Neck, $35 at MADE

For the ultimate in casual chic. This lightweight fabric features button and zippered closures so you can zip up without wrinkling.


Commendable footwear from MADE that’s available for $30 less than usual. You’ll be more comfortable with these comfortable flats and booties at the holiday season when the temperature drops.

Aerosoles STATEMENT 3-Piece Suede Collection, $85 at MADE

There’s a fierce statement in these suede suede slides, and it’s fresh as can be. Suede aficionados will want to check out this suede so classic brand.

Aerosoles 3 Piece Suede Collection, $60 at MADE

A holiday gift to check out as you get dressed each morning. We’re loving these style fit-and-flare style options with a cute black mesh overlay.

Epilux CH-TD with PU Infallible, $42 at MADE

For the Italian maison that always knows how to make pieces fresh. These faux leather styles are embellished with a PU-Marlboro metal hardware detail and they are made of ultra-soft material. This faux leather coat and culottes are not cheap at $49 each, but this luxe yet functional design will be a beautiful addition to your collection.

Aquazzura by Stephen Burrows SHOPFRONT LIMITED SERIES £925 – £1490 (or CAN)

One of the fan favorites on the website. This faux fur outfit has an extra-luxe price tag at £925 but it’s available at a discounted rate to $1490. Everything on this list is exclusives by leading international designers for MADE.


For the fashionable girl on your list. Give her this high-street outlet brand that offers wacky designs at a affordable price. This set is made up of a chic gingham mini dress and two oversized cable knit caps.

ASOS BlackPoint Leopard Pants, $35 at MADE

Combine this statement knit style from ASOS with your seasonal party dress for a unique ensemble. This leopard print pants set, made up of three pieces of leopard print, has a relaxed fit for a layering option.


This bang bang hue is the perfect fresh and glamorous accent to a traditional navy and black outfit. This award-winning color-block sweater from Nanahze completes your off-duty ensemble with a sporty vibe.

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